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Ceremony Consulting and Writing

Wedding Consulting
I can't travel to every wedding I am asked to officiate so I offer consultations to couples to help them understand all their options and clarify the kind of wedding they want. I can offer consultation on how to blend faiths and traditions, how to include and honor family members, how to express your love in personal vows, and everything from the order of the ceremony to how to make it uniquely your own. I include the same tools and written resources offered to couples I am marrying.


Writing and Officiating Help for Loved Ones

These days, many couples ask friends and loved ones to officiate their weddings. I have been called in to help when the loved one does not have to experience writing and presiding over a wedding. I am happy to assist with the order of the ceremony, the writing of the ceremony, and offer advice on how to conduct a wedding ceremony. This takes a lot of stress off of your loved one!


Wedding-Based Spiritual Counseling

There are so many tricky religious and spiritual issues that arise when planning an interfaith wedding. In some families, religion is an important aspect of life, and concerns arise when offspring select mates outside of the family faith. Sometimes it is best to get the parents into the same Zoom room to make suret everyone feels included and heard. Sometimes one set of parents is more worried than the other, and so it is important to do whatever can be done to help them know their faith will be included, that the family will be honored, and that they will not be embarrassed by the ceremony.