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Ceremony Officiating

Let me tell you a little about the way I work and about my unique service to couples of all backgrounds.


This is a service I offer whether it is a huge wedding in the Rainbow Room, weddings with close loved ones in a small venue or home, or a small elopement in Central Park.


What I offer couples is the chance to work closely with me to design a wedding ceremony that enables them to truly express their love and commitment in a personalized and memorable way.


I consider myself a creative, contemporary clergyperson. My philosophy is that your relationship is unique and your wedding ceremony should be too! I write ceremonies that reflect the values, beliefs, and cultures of the bride and groom.


At the core of the ceremony is a celebration of your love.


All the ceremonies I write are created especially for each couple.


As an ordained interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant, I specialize in joining:


* Couples of different faiths, cultures, and backgrounds
* Couples of the same or similar faiths who seek a personalized ceremony -- spiritual or non-religious
* Couples who feel disconnected from their faith of origin yet would like a sacred, romantic ceremony
* Couples who want a creative ceremony that is unique and "all them."


My contemporary spiritual ceremonies or romantic non-religious ceremonies are all created with your unique union in mind.


Because I am experienced with working with couples of all backgrounds I am comfortable including and blending elements from any tradition. Most recently I have officiated weddings that have included rituals, readings or elements from: Hinduism, Kabbalah, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, Toaism, as well as rituals from African, African American, Latin, Filipino, Thai, Native American, Celtic and Persian cultures. I also have trained in Glastonbury England to do traditional Celtic handfastings.


Then again, some ceremonies make no reference at all to culture or faith. It is up to the couple.


We focus on including only the ceremonial elements that are meaningful! Also, I am glad to include the honoring of your families … rituals that allow families to participate … and readings and blessings that can be read by loved ones and friends.


I also like to offer couples tools to help create the perfect ceremony and to reduce wedding stress along the way. To achieve this, I offer my couples these special bonuses as part of my service:


* A comprehensive consultation and interview in which I outline all your options and help clarify the kind of ceremony you would like to have.


* A questionnaire that helps you both share your feelings and thoughts on marriage, and provides material that allows me to personalize your ceremony.


* A Wedding Readings e-book with a wide collection of wedding readings to choose from.


* Personal support with writing your wedding vows and expressions of love.


I am also available to help your families prepare for the interfaith wedding process.


My aim is to help you have an awesome wedding ceremony, filled with love, warmth, romance, creativity, and good spirits.

Please contact me so we can discuss your wedding:

With Many Blessings,

Rev. Laurie Sue

Contact me here.