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Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is a leading interfaith and non-denominational wedding officiant, and a widely recognized expert on blended marriages and bridal stress. She regularly presides over interfaith, intercultural, and nondenominational weddings and helps couples deal with tricky family and religious challenges.

She specializes in writing wedding ceremonies that are personalized and crafted based on the needs and values of each couple.

She is known for her warm, loving and creative approach to blessing couples of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures and for guiding them on their journey to the altar and beyond. She helps interfaith couples explore challenges they face, and unites them in marriage while helping them to blend families and cultures.

She has an active wedding ministry in New York City and serves hundreds of couples each year. She is author of Your Interfaith Wedding, Wedding Goddess, and Your Perfect Wedding Vows.

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Wedding Goddess® is a registered trademark

Are you stressed out about planning your wedding? You are not alone. These days, wedding planning often seems more of a crisis than a joyous right of passage. Now there is help -- and hope -- for a more blissful bridal experience!

There are so many things to worry about -- finding the perfect dress, the best venue, the most reasonable costs. And there are so many people who, while well-meaning, can drive you crazy - the meddling mother, the sulking sister, the jealous friends, the passive agressive mother in law. On top of all else, it doesn't always seem that your groom is in the game with you.

This is a book that brings the fun and spirit back to wedding planning. It empowers you to take charge of your journey to the altar, and will show you how to treat every aspect as a delightful rite of passage!

In the pages of WEDDING GODDESS you will find:

- Guidance on ways to nurture your emotions, your heart, your soul, your passions, your relationship and your vision for the perfect wedding as you proceed with the tasks at hand.

- Ideas, inspiration and materials to help you create the perfect wedding ceremony.

- Wisdom that puts your at ease about this extraordinary time of life.

- Insights on how to navigate it all with maturity, strength and grace.

WEDDING GODDESS is dedicated to supporting you through the most important rite of passage of your life!

May you be calm, loving and peaceful. May you feel beautiful, confident, graceful, radiant - like a Wedding Goddess.

With Love and Blessings,

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway