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Best Wedding Officiant in New York


"I would say most couples who seek my services want a ceremony free of religious dogma. Maybe they want to include certain traditions - like unity candles or breaking the glass - but they don't want to feel locked into religious protocol. They want a creative, personal and memorable moment at the altar. And they want to enjoy that moment, have it be magical ... a celebration of the spirit of their relationship."

And that's what Rev. Laurie Sue has made possible for hundreds of couples.

Some ceremonies are romantic, creative civil ceremony. Some are what she called "wedding theater", rich with rituals and readings by many people close to a couple. Maybe it is funny and offbeat and shares the tale of how a couple met, or how they got engaged. Then there are those couples who just want to say "I do," and be done. For those people she offers a simpler, shorter service.

Regardless of the kind of ceremony - spiritual or civil - Rev. Laurie Sue will craft the ceremony to truly reflect the values of the people who are getting married. Sometimes this includes coaching the couple on writing their own vows, or providing the perfect words for them to express on their wedding day. The couple always approves the wedding script before the big day so they can relax in knowing exactly how it will go.

"I encourage couples to celebrate their love, and I do my best to help them dodge tricky religious, cultural and family issues. Brides are often worried about family disharmony over one thing or another. I try to diffuse it by finding ways to celebrate and include the family. I think the wedding ceremony can heal and uplift a family, as it creates a good foundation for a marriage to grow."

"I believe each ceremony is sacred regardless where it takes place," she says Rev. Laurie Sue, who performs weddings all over New York City and in parts of the tri-state area. It is up to the couple to choose the venue.

She serves a wide range of couples from every background imaginable. Their tradition of origin runs the gamut of all world religions - from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan - and includes many interfaith pairing. She often marries doctors and healers, as well as many-theater folks, actors, artists, musicians. Because she spent a colorful 20 years as a journalist prior to becoming a minister, she tends to attract many couples in media and publishing.

Her book, "A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness" (Perigee Dec. 2002), has also increased the call for Rev. Laurie Sue create and officiate spiritual ceremonies based on the ancient earth-honoring traditions. For couples who like the idea of a male/female clergy team, she also officiates weddings with her own beloved, Rev. Vic Fuhrman.