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Books that Brim with Wisdom and Ceremony Ideas for Modern Couples


Rev. Laurie Sue is a versatile wedding professional who has conducted weddings on television and has been interviewed by major media on how couples can have a less stressful, more soulful journey to the altar. She is also known as the Wedding Goddess ®, which is also the name of her first wedding book and the umbrella brand for her series of wedding guides.


Much of her work with couples involves teaching them about wedding traditions from their own faiths as well many other cultures and helping them blend together the wedding words, blessings, and rituals that are most meaningful. She is known for empowering and supporting couples through their wedding experience. She shares all of her knowledge about how to put together the best wedding experience possible in her books.


She has an active wedding ministry in New York City and she is author of the Wedding Goddess Guide series, which includes: Wedding Goddess, Your Interfaith Wedding, Your Perfect Wedding Vows, Your Hindu-Interfaith Wedding, and Your Unique Ceremony.

Bridal Stress Coaching and Support