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For Brides

How to Get Your Marriage License in New York City

What you need to know about the legal aspects of getting hitched in NYC.

Interview: From Bridezilla to Wedding Goddess

WEDDING GODDESS is a guide designed to help brides make that journey to the altar with the grace -- and the patience -- of a Goddess. See the review by Dr. Judith Orloff.

Survive Wedding Stress

How brides can rise above wedding stress and beat the bridal blues.

Your Perfect Wedding Vows - New E-book

What kind of vows are right for you two. Discover ALL the options. Read sample vows for inspiration and ideas.

Quotes for Your Wedding

Inspiring words about love and marraige.

Wedding Reading selections

Inspiration and ideas for your wedding day.

Hand Blessing Ceremony

"Take your hands and through your hands, your hearts"

New York Wedding Officiant - Article!

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway selected MANHATTAN's BEST!

Buy Wedding Goddess Book

A stress relief book for brides. Get your autographed copy here.